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Location: Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Date: 11 August 2014

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center

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The IEEE is organizing an international leadership forum on sustainable mobility and connected vehicle technologies and its implications on the future of ground transportation and our mobile lifestyle. Silicon Valley is the innovation lab of the world for mobile computing as well as home to many automotive advanced research labs and this provides an excellent platform to discuss key technology trends as well as standardization needs between industrial, academic and governmental thought leaders. IEEE is willing to be an active agent of innovation transfer and standardization development in the improvement of transportation systems – both from a vehicle as well as an infrastructure perspective. The interaction between mobile devices, vehicle system architectures, communication and energy networks plays a major role in the transformation of mobility systems that are sustainable and connected.

This conference addresses the core challenges and opportunities that arise from these interactions. New ecosystems are required to support integration of mobile computing, vehicle electronics, vehicle electrification, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and intelligent infrastructure backbones including new forms of energy supply to vehicles.

Me and a friend did season mode with the Minnesota Wild one time. We had somehow acquired Sergei Bobrovsky as our goalie, three games in we decided to get every SKY or SKI in the league on our team. It mostly worked, with the exception that we had Shane Doan-sky on the team as a second winger. Grabo was our center, and Dubr was left wing. This was after Pavelski got hurt for 3 months.The commentary was amazing after a goal. "Grabovsky at 8:39, from Dubinsky, from Korpikoski." It went on forever.edit: that got on a tangent, the point of the whole story being that I love those jerseys, and seriously considered buying a Bobrovsky custom jersey in that style.

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